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This is my blog in July.


July 31, 2013

This is my last post for July. Today nothing special happened. I woke up around ten.  I had lunch at 11:30. Later, I waited at a hair salon because my sister was talking about getting highlights.After that I went to Publix and got some ice cream.


I also went to Miami Dade for the Lego robotics class. We had to do a parking program and it was really hard to make it for my robot. After class my sister and I ran a mile.We had dinner around 6:00pm. I had a hot dog my sister and mom had hamburgers. Dad couldn't join us, he was working late.







July 30, 2013

Today José Luis and I made a new robot. I did most of the work, heck almost all of it, but he helped with small adjustments. Pedro wasn't there thank God because he is one of those people whose voice is just annoying. Later after class, my mom and dad picked me up which was awesome because after we went to the greatest cupcake place ever called Sweet Times. When we got home my sister and I walked my dog Luna. She's a beagle. Later I helped make dinner with mom by preparing and cooking the steakes. I also helped with the zucchini which we has as a side.

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July 29, 2013

Today I went to the Lego robot class, but this week I'm in level 2. I switched teams because my partner Pedro and I weren't getting along well. So now I'm teamed up with a guy from Mexico, José Luis. He's pretty nice I suppose. Right now we are making a 3-speed transmission.



i sahlle peas

July 28, 2013

Today went to Mass with the same priest I ate lunch with yesterday. After lunch, my family, grandparents, and a family friend named Michael watched the Gold Cup final, US VS. Panama. The US won 1-0. Go US!!! The game was good.


After the game, Emma, my sister; my Dad; Michael; and I played Injustice Gods Among Us. I played as General Zod and I beat everyone, even my dad who played as Lobo.

I can't wait for the next TechStuff to come out. TechStuff is one of the podcast by HowStuffWorks that I listen to. The other podcast I like is StuffYouShouldKnow. My favorite of the two is TechStuff because I love technology, all the show's puns and the hosts.

apple maps




July 27, 2013

Today I woke up at 7:00 AM, but fell back asleep listing to Stuff You Should Know®. Then I woke up at 10:00 AM nd ate a cereal bar. Later that day, I had lunch at the Olive Garden with my grandparents and the priest who married my mom and dad. I had the Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. I though it was pretty good with five chesses but to me it seems big enough to share. I also had the Minestrone soup which was pretty good. I liked all the different vegetables and the tomato base. For desert I had the Lemon Cream Cake which wasn't anything out of this world, but the filling was good. After lunch we took the priest to where he was staying.

Later I worked on my essay for my summer reading. I had to read the most boring book ever. It was called Brian's Return® by Garl Paulsen. Here's my advice if you’re thinking of reading it: just don't read it, just don't. It’s really that bad. After that wonderful experince I dropped my sister of at Dave & Busters. Then I got home and watched Canadian Bacon, a really fun movie after the first ten or fifteen minutes.

wor dof saeun




July 26, 2013

I went to get school shoes today. YEAH! (sarcastic yeah)This was the last day in the class for level 1 robotics. Not much happened except I had to redo the bricks attachments to the motors. My parent got to see the robot. When I got home my mom cooked the most amazing dinner, chicken in sesame sauce, rice, and zucchini. Then we walked my dog Luna. My family later watched some TV. It started raining for five minutes. It stopped for five minutes. Then it stared again. Only in Miami.



July 25, 2013

Today I was at the class and I tweaked my robot design. So here's how it works: There are two motors form in a chase and on top of that is a computer brick and a complex holding system with two small wheels in front and two big ones in the back and claw thing on top of the brick. After that I made dinner, It was corn with coleslaw with sloppy Joe and biscut.


claw bot




July 24, 2013

Today I went also to the class and worked on my battle bot. My team won a few battles, though we had to disassemble it after class. After, we dropped my sister to see World War Z with Felix at the Kendall theater. Poor suck,er there is nothing you can do to make me watch that movie. When I was home I got out my Lego robot kit and built a small sleigh.




July 23, 2013

Today I again went to the class but made a scythe-battle bot. Pretty much it’s a robot with a giant scythe arm made to attack opponents. I also found a cool game.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

July 22, 2013

I went to a Lego robotics class today at Miami Dade College, it was fun. In the beginning of the class the teacher tricked us into thinking we were in Paper Mache Butterflies. My team made a top spinner that wheel spins tops and a small little car thingy. I found the website here.

smeagl and the ring

Oh so ture.The Lord of The Rings is turely awesome

July 21, 2013

Nothing much happened toady except I went to Church and did a major pick up of my room. Watched The Lord of The Rings and Monty Python's the Holy Grail.


July 20, 2013

Today I went to the Deering Estate, and learned about how Charles Deering was an art collector and paranoid about fire destroying his art. After this I played a R.P.G (for those of you people who thought I played with a rocket propelled grenade, I did not but that would have been awesome) called Rolemaster® with Felix.


July 19, 2013

Today I was in a web design class and went to see Pacific Rim with my friend Tyler for his birthday and ate at a dinner right next to the theater. My sister's boyfriend Felix gave me a cool Doctor Who poster.

dalek to victory

Honestly I thought Pacific Rim was good, but about 90% of it was giant robot-giant monster fights, not that I don't think they're cool but they over did it in my opinion. After that I played in the arcade at the theater for a while until my mom picked me up. When I got home I walked my dog. Then had dinner watched some TV and went to bed.